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Co-conspirator and penwoman for our forthcoming graphic novel

Wendy-O Matik -           


A few favorite artists and influences:

Bitter Pie -

Elle Skinner -

Mizuno Junko -

Trina Robbins -

Fawn Gehweiler -

Laurenn Mccubbin -

Elizabeth Mcgrath -

Roberta Gregory -

Tara Mcpherson -

Mary Fleener -

Martha Sue -

Mari Naomi -

Bonnie Maclean -

Action Girl -

Fiona Smyth -

Karen Luk -

Dame Darcy -

Bethany de Forest -

Wes Wilson -


A few favorite D.I.Y businesses:  (choose from a vast array of buttons, stickers, and t-shirts!)  (fabric, fashion design, and & the school of silkscreening) (buy handmade goods, crafts, and artwork from a diverse range of artists. Help support the arts!)  (D.I.Y. goods and zine shop) (a project dedicated to the creation and spread of products with positive messages for girls.)  (Bust is a must read mag that includes a little bit of everything in grrl culture, including current events and great links to other D.I.Y.ers)  (feminist response to pop culture.)


A few random favorite sites:

Grrlgamer (fighting discrimination with facts, humor, and fake fur!) (may the cutest kitten win… )


The F Stops Here

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