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“Incident at Love Canal”

A half-mile empty canal was used as a toxic dumping site in 1942 by Hooker Chemical Company. They discarded over 21,000 tons of toxic chemicals into Love Canal mercilessly throughout the following decade. In 1953, they were forced to sell the property to the board of education, warning the school board it was not appropriate for living.

An elementary school was later built next to the new housing development projects that took the place of the former canal. In 1978, the New York Department of Health tested the oozing black oils that leaked into the basements of homes and identified toxic chemicals in the air. People were getting sick, children were born deformed, and a community was evacuated from their homes.

Based on the true environmental disaster near Niagara Falls, New York, “Incident at Love Canal” tells the fictional tale of two young girls who grew up experiencing it all.

Written by Melanie Westerberg and Illustrated by Christine Shea.


This gallery is only a 5 page preview of a 16 page book! If you are interested in pursuing "Incident at Love Canal" in its entirety please feel free to contact me.