I currently live in San Francisco and Iím attempting to do it all! Draw, design, paint, storyboard, Illustrate, and craft. I also do abstract, candid, and portrait photography. Ultimately, I love doing anything that challenges my creativity!

Iíve done freelance logo design and illustration, commissions, freelance photography projects, murals, and curatorial work in multiple gallery exhibitions. My work has been published nationally and Iíve shown in galleries throughout the Bay Area.

After deep consideration, Iíve realized that I would like to use my creativity to help other people! I have quit my day job doing visual display to pursue Art Therapy as a career. I am attending Mills College to complete my fine arts degree, and will pursue my therapistís license in graduate school.

Presently, Iím working on a Graphic Novel with Wendy-O Matik, and hope to do more work like this in the future! Watch out because itís coming soon!

I still enjoy doing visual display, as I have been doing it at H&M, Macyís, and Tower Records since the year 2000. (for job info and portfolio, please see my resume).

In the mean time, I plan to show at A.P.E (Alternative Press Expo) and other such bay area events selling my handmade comics, buttons, stickers, and patches! Hope to see you there!